Dealing with Discouragement: Learning 7 Things from Elijah’s Experience (1 Kings 19:1-18)




Elijah was on mission with God and he’d seen God do great things. But one day he found himself in a new place…

1. Discouragement, burnout or depression can happen to the best of us and is not something that only affects non-Christians or weak Christians (cf. Apostle Paul’s experience in 2 Cor 1:8-11)!

2. It can happen apparently unexpectedly (see ch.18) – although burnout and depression are most likely the result of/related to underlying issues that have been there for some time.

3. Remember that God is gracious and loving in his approach to you (vv5-8).

4. The short term answer may be as simple as the need for good food and sleep (vv5-6).

5. Be aware that during a difficult time you may not be seeing things clearly/accurately (vv10,14 & 18).

6. An important part of God’s remedy for you is time spent consciously in His presence (vv11-13) – through time alone with Him and/or through the Christian community/corporate worship.

7. Don’t shrug off your experience as unimportant – it could be that God wants to communicate something new or significant to you through this time (vv15-18).

…And don’t be a loner like Elijah! Find someone you can trust and talk to about what you’re going through.




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