12 Ways to Get into Global Mission


Choose at least one of the following ways of engaging with global mission, and start today!



Get to know more about Global Mission. Read one or more of the books on our GlobalFest Top 10 list! And/or sign up for Eddie Arthur’s excellent blog kouya.net (or even mine – abcworldmission.wordpress.com).


Prayer is the fuel of mission! Ask God to make clear your role in his global mission. Get a copy of Operation World and pray for the nations, learning heaps as you go along. Or sign up for mission partners’ prayer letters and pray for them. Or join one of the mission prayer groups locally. (Did you know that on our church twitter account we are ‘praying through the nations’ each night using the Operation World resources mentioned above – Follow us @abovebar now and #Pray)


A good percentage of the money from our ABC gifts and offerings goes to the work of global mission and our mission partners. Consider increasing the amount you give, so that world mission can get more!  Or find out about the financial needs of our mission partners and become a personal supporter.  Besides the amount they receive from ABC as a whole, our mission partners still need to raise a considerable amount of finance. Or if you can’t give financially, then pray regularly for their needs to be met.

4. ADOPT an ABC Mission Partner or Project

Home Groups / Missional Communities (or Individuals/Families) are encouraged to adopt an ABC mission partner or project, in consultation with the Minister for World Mission.


Our Mission Projects Group (MPG) would love to meet you if you’d like to hear more about our trips to places like Haiti or Spain.  If you are going alone we can pray with you, give practical advice and support or help you tell your story when you get back.  Email Above Bar Church or speak to Bryan Stonehouse, Helen Clark, David Katulwende, John Clifton or Chris Tuck.  Pick up a FREE copy of the Global Connections short term mission directory this weekend too which has great information for short termers!


As a church we are committed to sending one new mission partner / family into full-time mission work per year for the next 4 years.  If you think that the Lord may be directing you/your family, into global mission, then the Mission Personnel Support Group (MPSG) would love to help you explore the part the Lord has for you in world mission. Please contact Tim Sutton, or members of the MPSG (such as Clive Osmond, Graham Salmon) at Above Bar Church.


Have you got a spare room? Make it available for a mission partner on their return visits to Southampton.

Or otherwise make it available for those from other countries who are on mission in the UK.

8. Give HOSPITALITY to people from foreign countries

There are unprecedented opportunities to reach out to people of every nation and people, right here in the UK – many of them here in Southampton. Have your neighbours around for coffee or a meal. Find out how you can support and encourage our ‘Global Gathering’, the ABC group that meets weekly to reach and encourage internationals. Or discover more about the work of Friends International that reaches out here in Southampton.

9. Make your BUSINESS TRIP OR HOLIDAY visit count

Many of us travel and sometimes even live overseas but not many of us think of that as mission. What if you took a Bible or Gospel literature in the native language, praying for the right person to give it to? What if you looked out for opportunities to network or point local people to local Christians/churches…. to Christ?

10. JOIN – an ABC World Mission group

Behind the vision for global mission at ABC lies a number of groups responsible in different ways for the work of global mission. (See page…) Please ask Tim Sutton about any opportunities to join these groups.

11. EXPLORE with others

If you would like to join with others who are exploring involvement in world mission, then come to the World Mission Breakfast.  It’s a great time of eating breakfast, discussing mission, sharing our stories, and praying for each other – and happens on a Saturday morning, from 9.30-11.15am, five times a year.

12. Talk

PLEASE contact me if you have questions about being involved in global mission!  I’d love to help you find your place and role.


We ALL have a part to play in Global Mission. What is yours?





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